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Welcome to the Buffalo Head Prairie School! We are a rural, K-9 school located in Northwestern Alberta.


John Zacharias, Ward 7 Trustee

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Chris Fehr, Principal

Dale Driedger, Assistant Principal



REACH for Success!



EBS stands for Effective Behaviour Support, a system designed to enhance school behaviour management and thereby positively impact school climate. Each school that implements this program is required to develop an acronym that encapsulates what the school is striving to instill in its students. At Buffalo Head Prairie School, our acronym is REACH.

R - Respect: Respect the people around you, yourself, and the building.

E - Excel: Do your best at all times.

A - Accountable: Be responsible for yourself.

C - Community: Work together to have a good place to live.

H - Honour: Do the right thing even if no one is looking.

REACH truly has become who we are. The REACH attributes are attractively displayed throughout the school. REACH is addressed by school staff regularly in the promotion of developing positive behaviour supports.


Education Plan

Below you will find the 2022-2021 Education Plan and 2021-2022 Education Plan Results for Buffalo Head Prairie School:

BHPS Education Plan 2022-2023

BHPS Education Plan Results 2021-2022


Facts and Figures

BHPS is a Scent Aware Building.  Please use caution when wearing scents.

School Floor Plan

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