ECS Registration for 2017/18 and Current Year Pre-ECS

Buffalo Head Prairie School offers a Pre-ECS program to help orientate parents and children to Kindergarten in the Fall.  The program will start on Tuesday, February 28th running approximately 2 sessions a week.  If you live in the BHPS area and are planning to send your child to Kindergarten in 2017-18 you might want to consider enrolling your child in this program.  Call the school at 780-928-2282 to gain more information and to register your child.  There will be a parent information meeting February 23, 2017 -7:00pm at the school.

These registrations also provide us with preliminary Kindergarten registration information for 2017-18 which we need to commence planning for next year.  So whether your child will be attending Pre-ECS this year or Kindergarten only, next school term, we ask that you contact us with their registration information.